At Carroll Craft Frames, we are passionate about creativity and collaborating with artists. We also enjoy assisting customers when deciding on frame options for important personal keepsakes, memorabilia, craft or artwork which are destined for display. Custom framing ensures the frame is made to measure and will preserve and protect each item for many years to come. Since opening our framing business, we have framed quite a variety of wonderful memorabilia and precious keepsakes over the years… baby shoes, signed jerseys, walking sticks, marathon medals, signed goalie gloves, lacework, embroidery, cutlery, jewellery and the list goes on!

Experienced Advice

Our consultation service is based on your requirements, whether it may be small photographs or needlework, large scale paintings or unusual 3 dimensional objects, we strive to discuss the best options with you to showcase your items professionally and give them a new lease of life.

Consultation Considerations

Our aim is to ensure quality custom made frames to complement artwork etc. but also to suit the setting and decor of where the finished product will be displayed.

During the consultation process, we consider style and colour of frame moulding, choice of mount card,  float mounting, box frame, framing stretched canvas or regular framing options.

We also offer advice on reflection free and conservation glass which protects art from UV damage, and offers stunning non-reflective results.

Something for all Budgets

We offer affordable framing for all budgets, from a range of affordable frame mouldings to ornate hand-gilded options. Also, we welcome queries about restoration services, reframing old paintings, stretching canvas and any other artwork specialism that may be of interest to you.