We are passionate about creative environments and love being able to work with treasured items, destined for display… transforming each piece through the process of framing.

Our workshop is located ‘behind the scenes’ on-site at the gallery, where we offer a consultation service based on your requirements.

Experienced Advice

Having a consultation is sensible for framing projects right across the board, from small photographs or needlework, to larger paintings and more unusual 3 dimensional objects.

When starting from scratch, each component of the frame can be chosen with both a) the item being framed and b) the setting of its likely location in mind.


Consultation Considerations

Within the consultation, we will consider the type and colour of frame, the types of mount available, the number and width of spacers and glass or perspex finishes.

We can also offer advice on our beautiful invisible and conservation glass which will protect art from UV damage, whilst producing stunning non-reflective results.

Something for all Budgets

We offer affordable framing for all budgets, from a range of inexpensive frames to beautiful more ornate hand-gilded options. We can also offer a restoration service, stretching of canvasses, or any other artwork specialism. Please just ask